• An Amber Diligence review identifies strengths, weaknesses and noteworthy items across a number of operational areas including:
    • Human Resources
    • Manager & Fund Governance
    • Legal & Compliance
    • Custody of Assets & Trading Relationships
    • Trade Processing
    • Accounting & Reporting
    • Valuation
    • Infrastructure & IT
  • An Amber Diligence review incorporates a review of key documents, a detailed on-site visit with key manager staff, and an in depth conversation with administrator staff responsible for servicing the fund (if applicable).
  • An Amber Diligence report provides a qualitative analysis of a fund's operational risks in a concise report format with sufficient detail to understand the context of any strengths or weaknesses identified and recommendations for improvement and better alignment with industry-wide sound practices.
  • Users may access recent Amber Diligence fund reports, subject to underlying manager approval. Please contact us to obtain access to our Amber Diligence fund list.

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